Windows XP 64 Bit With SP2

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Windows XP 64 Bit With SP2

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If you're looking for large amounts of memory and improved floating-point performance for tasks that rely on real-number data, such as mechanical design and analysis, three-dimensional (3-D) animation, video editing and composition, and scientific and high-performance computing, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is designed for you. With its 64-bit processor, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition gives you access to greater amounts of memory while continuing to support 32-bit applications.
More memory, improved performance
The expanding data and performance needs of business, academic, engineering, and scientific organizations have pushed the limits and capabilities of existing information technology (IT) platforms. Millions of people worldwide need to access gigabytes or even terabytes of data in real time. The increasingly sophisticated demands for making home movies, working with digital photographs, using digital media, and playing 3-D games is also stretching the capabilities of existing 32-bit PCs.Advances in processor technology that extend the capabilities of x86 architecture have brought the power of 64-bit computing to you. Now, you can use a 64-bit operating system to seamlessly run 32-bit and cutting-edge 64-bit applications. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition takes full advantage of this new architecture. The major difference between 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows is memory support. With more memory, you can run more programs at the same time, and run more memory-intensive programs like multimedia, gaming, and database programs. And your computer's performance will be faster overall.

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علاء الجمال

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